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Below are some feedback we've received from people accross BC. If you'd like to submit a testimonial about how Bike to Work Week or GoByBike Weeks has affected you, please send it to Terri-Lynn Gifford, Provincial Program Manager,

“With funding from Provincial Sponsors like BC Hydro, we are able to continue to run a fabulous event with regional reach. From Vancouver to Coquitlam, Burnaby to North Vancouver, New West to Richmond, Surrey to West Vancouver Bike to Work encourages people from all around the Metro Vancouver region to bike to work. Thanks BC Hydro!”

Raema Quam, Director of Programs and Development, HUB, Metro Vancouver

“The provincial funding went a long way to pick up momentum on cycling and through TraC’s hard work motivated significant behaviour change and uptake. The value and reach of this seed funding cannot be underestimated in the community based value it generates. Thank you Bike to Work BC in helping coordinate and provide this provincial funding to an event that continues to grow and gain momentum in our community!”

Johan Stroman, Community Energy Manager, Sunshine Coast Regional District

“It was a bit of work ... getting my bike ready for the spring after two years of not being used. I had to move a bunch of stored boxes to get at my poor bicycle!  I pumped up my tires and dusted off the seat, checked that all the things that needed to be tight were tight, and all the things that needed to move moved.  Then came Monday... My backpack on, I pedaled my very short ...only one kilometer... way to work.  That wasn't so hard. And so it was easy to do all week.  I loved hearing the birds and looking at the gardens as I drove by.  On the way home, biking gave me a chance to change gears and slow down before arriving home. I really enjoyed the outside air and the chance to both promote and practice healthy living and environmental responsibility.” 

Yvonne Lord, Teacher at Merritt Secondary School, Merritt

 “Bike to Work Week provided me with just the right incentive to get back on my bike and I used my daily commute as an opportunity to get to know Campbell River, since I was new here.”  

Martha Meyers, Participant, Campbell River

“Bike to Work Week 2012 changed my life!!! I own a bike. I have a helmet. I have two working legs. But those legs never made the effort to power that bike until I was asked if I would like to participate in Bike to Work Week. By the end of the week it occurred to me that my commitment to cycle to work was almost over. It also occurred to me that it had become a very enjoyable way to get to and from work. There is a sense of well-being that comes after a bike ride. 

Jeanne Boekelheide, BTWW Participant, Okanagan College, North Okanagan

I’m so happy Bike to Work has made its way to Pemberton! So much fun and great prizes too. I look forward to participating next year!

Soren Elsay, Participant, Pemberton

“Bike to work has been was an opportunity to give back energy to the community in an activity I love and believe in. Biking is simple, inexpensive, environmentally friendly, healthy, and fun. Can there be a better way to get to work? Thanks Kamloops for having an event to encourage and celebrate biking to work. It's great to see cyclists out on the road and sharing smiles at celebration stations. I hear over and over how Bike to Work week has helped to inspire others to commute by bike. The Bike to Work week organizers have been an incredible bunch of like-minded individuals to work with. And they give 110%. What other group attends farmer's market week after week "pedaling" their word, and "bike blending" their way through radio and TV shows in the weeks and even months prior to the event? Thanks to all the volunteers, the overwhelming support from the community and their sponsorship and to the cyclists who participate. You make Kamloops BTWW a success.” 

Trevor Dinn, Participant, Pritchard

“I thoroughly enjoyed participating in Kamloops Bike To Work Week. This was my first year bike commuting. The week-long event really opened my eyes to a cycling community I didn’t know about within Kamloops. I hope to continue commuting by bike and look forward to Bike to Work Week next year.”

Krystal Kehoe, Participant, Kamloops

“Since Bike To Work Week, it has motivated us to make the change and our team now bikes to work regularly! We love our morning commutes and can’t wait to keep biking!”

The ECOSmart Team, Environmental Services Division, City of Kamloops

“Fort St. James Bike to Work Week was a fun and interactive week! The event made me diligent in choosing the bike over the car throughout the week and I definitely cycled places that I would otherwise have driven to. My team was great and every member was a new cyclist who would have usually driven to work.

Ruth Lloyd, Stuart Lake, Fort St. James


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