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Below are some feedback we've received from people accross BC. If you'd like to submit a testimonial about how Bike to Work Week or GoByBike Weeks has affected you, please send it to Terri-Lynn Gifford, Provincial Program Manager,

“If it hadn’t been Bike to Work Week, I likely would have opted for my car instead due to the inclement weather. But having the motivation to be part of a team and share in the camaraderie made it so much easier for me to hop on my bike and am I ever glad I did. The fresh air and exercise really helped give a positive start to my day. I will definitely keep up the cycling as a means of commuting to work – and even will opt for my bike instead of the car to run errands. Thanks for organizing such a great week- I will definitely be involved next year.”

Jean Pauletto, Team Leader, Team TransAccessCare, Comox Valley

“I wanted to pass on my experience with Bike To Work Week. I returned to bike riding a few years ago, after a 33 year break. I rode for pleasure in the spring and summer months, and made a couple of short cycle camping trips. This spring, I sold my cruiser and bought a hybrid road bike from Simon's Cycle...what a difference!
I enjoyed the bike so much, I committed to Bike to Work week. I live out near Bates Beach, so my commute to Comox is about 15km. I managed 3 round trips and 1- 13km ride, for a total of 103km for the week. I rode in the early morning, and had the pleasure of meeting several other riders on their way to work. The roads were quiet, and vehicle drivers respectful when passing, so I felt very comfortable during the week. It was a hard slog for me, as I had not trained at all before the event, but I felt so great afterwards that all the muscle aches(and biker butt) seemed to disappear.
It has inspired me to use my bike as a means of transport rather than just a recreational item, and it has proven to me that I am capable of a lot more than I think. I will be registered next year, for sure, and I think I can put a good team together to clock some big kms.”

Janice Smith, Team Leader, The Janice Grind, Comox Valley

“Bike to work week is an amazing event! Our team was fully motivated to riding their bikes that week when normally other modes of transportation would have been used. We were also fitter by the end of the event and some of us now commute by bike regularly. The LED lights were a great touch it made our biking experience that much safer.”

Sarah Uy, Fruv, Whistler

“The Bike to Work Week was a really great way to stay motivated to ride when the weather was less than inspiring. As a team leader, it was also really great to see co-workers who don’t usually bike to work get on board – and really enjoy it! By tracking your weekly commute kilometers, it really feels like you are making a difference.”

Claire Daniels, Resort Municipality Of Whistler, Whistler

“At the Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy (OVCMT), Bike to Work Week creates a fun atmosphere within the college community for staff and students to form a positive connection and get excited about cycling. Cyclists feel healthier as they ride to school and work and feel good about helping the environment.”

Doug Fairweather, owner of OVCMT and member of the City’s Transportation Demand Management Committee and Corporate Sponsor of Bike to Work Week

Since the inception of Bike to Work Week in Vernon, I have noticed an increased number of cyclists on the road taking part during that week and beyond. The event has raised awareness about cycling, and created a fun collegial atmosphere in the community that spawns some competitiveness and a desire to participate. Consequently, the feeling is contagious, and every year I have noticed more cyclists on the roads.”

Coldstream Councillor Maria Besso, Vernon

“I really enjoyed being a first-time BTW Team Leader this year. Biking to work is a positive and relaxing activity and great way to get to know your town. I also found that drivers were more courteous and aware of cyclists this year.”


Janice Nicol, Participant, North Okanagan

“Regional District of North Okanagan (RDNO) staff looks forward to the annual Bike to Work Week (BTWW). From the novice cyclist who has never considered cycling to work, to the experienced cyclist who commutes regularly BTWW provides an excellent opportunity to build camaraderie amongst staff from various departments that don’t typically have much interaction on a day to day basis. The competitive aspect of BTWW has enhanced corporate pride and has encouraged high levels of participation. The events during bike to work week are a great way to meet other cycling enthusiasts. Exercise, fresh air, camaraderie and corporate pride…what more could you want from an event? BTWW, fun for all and good for the planet, thanks.”

Dale Danallanko, Facilities Operations Manager, RDNO, Vernon

“This year I reached out to more staff and board members to get involved and it was a great success. This is the third Bike to Work Week event I’ve taken part in and it’s a great way to demonstrate to people that “it’s not that far” to walk or bike. By cycling and walking regularly to work, our staff has reduced parking needs by 25% over the last year.”

George Duffy, Manager of the Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce, Vernon

“Squamish Terminals has installed bike racks for our employees that are riding to work year round.  We are seeing an increase in the number of employees who are riding and the Bike-to-Work week promotion certainly helps remind employees that cycling is a viable transportation option.  Thanks for the work you do in promoting it.”

Doug Hackett, Squamish Terminals Ltd., Squamish


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