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Below are some feedback we've received from people accross BC. If you'd like to submit a testimonial about how Bike to Work Week or GoByBike Weeks has affected you, please send it to Terri-Lynn Gifford, Provincial Program Manager,

“Hi. My first bike to work week was last year. I cycled every day during this week at 28km a day. 14km uphill.  It started my season of commuting both years and now I consistently ride to get my work out in so I can manage my busy family. I even have a friend who did it with me this year. ...together we rode 250km.”

Christine Paquette, Comox Valley

“I rode my bike during BTWW because of my team leader who is inspirational and encouraged as many people in the organization to ride. It also raises awareness of the impact of vehicles and promotes the health and connectedness of people in our community.”

Kelly Clark, Campbell River

“Getting to work is a priority but biking is more than that, I get to see things I wouldn’t necessarily see when driving. I can plan my day, week, programs, and it is also a great way to relax and get some exercise. I wish more people would ride their bikes, and they don’t have to travel on main roads, there are lots of side streets people can use to commute. There are so many awesome rides in this area, and I am seeing more and more people riding which is fantastic.”

Uschi Henelt, Campbell River

“Riding my bike to work and to school with my children is important as it is active, good for my health, the environment and my family. It is also a good example for my children – who have now biked to school every day this year.

Cheryl Chatterton, Campbell River

I rode my bike to work this week because my friend gave me the push, and I needed to do something healthy. The best thing about this week has been enjoying the fresh air and getting more exercise.”

Plessa Walden, Campbell River

The best thing about bike to work week are the celebration stations and meeting new people. I ride my bike to work because it starts my day with a smile.” 

Debbie Legene, Campbell River

"Now, Bike to Work Week– from the countless Volunteers, who work endless hours organizing this event – to the cheering squads at all the stops, words of advice from seasoned veterans of the road, to the enthusiasm of new bikers first accomplished milestone, this week is really the “starting” line for so many people.  Their start out goals may be different- some need to save the money, some need to get in shape, some need that time alone to reflect on the simpler moments in life.  Whatever the motivation is, the end result is so much more than one would anticipate… the camaraderie, the sense of teamwork, the feeling of belonging to a group much bigger than oneself…. Or simply participating in an event that connects so many communities on a bigger scale – setting an example for each generation to follow.

Whether is this the only week you ride, or if it’s the first week of a lifestyle change, everyone who stays with it, discovers something, and adds something, far more meaningful to their lives, than just peddling two tires down a road to a destination."

June Carscadden, Atlas Information Management, Kamloops

“It's great to hear that the Bike to Work Week continues to be a growing success!  It is also great to see all the various sponsors that support the event. Each year Bike to Work Week begins my regular cycling commuting until the fall. The one hour commute to and from home helps clear my mind and has had great benefits to my overall physical condition and health. On those days that I don't feel like riding the whole route, I make use of our terrific transit system by loading my bike on the rack for part of the route. I encourage everyone that has thought about commuting by bike to give it a try and I'm sure that after a week you will have your processes in place and will love the experience. Thank you to the BTW Team for organizing this again this year. Until next year, happy riding.”

Vic Barron, Team Leader, Mission Crime Prevention Office

“Cycling is the best!  When I cycle and use my stand-up desk at work, my body couldn't be happier!” 

James Kampen, Team Leader, Fraser Valley

“Thanks for having the bike to work week. We had fun cycling and I am still cycling to work one day a week!

The bike to work program encourages me to get out on my bike as soon as the weather starts to get nice so I can get in shape by the time the Bike to Work week starts. It is 34 km one way to my work place. I gradually build up my endurance till I can bike the 68 km without trouble. Since the bike to work week I have continued to bike to work and home at least once a week. I also ride around my home with my family at least once a week too. It is a great program which not only gets people in shape but also promotes communities to develop bike routes and create bike safe roads.”

Sue Lawrence, Team Leader, Fraser Valley Home Support, Fraser Valley


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