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Below are some feedback we've received from people accross BC. If you'd like to submit a testimonial about how Bike to Work Week or GoByBike Weeks has affected you, please send it to Terri-Lynn Gifford, Provincial Program Manager,

“My friend and fellow parent has 3 children - one in grade 1 and the two who are not yet of school age.  Last year, when her son was in kindergarten, he was too timid to ride his bike to school.  He would see my daughter ride past his house in the mornings and see her at school with her bike, and he really wanted to ride, but was only comfortable riding on his street.

It was because of last year's Bike to School Week at Ross Road that he decided that he was going to ride his bike to school like the other kids, and participate in this year's events.

This year, my friend came up to me at school and told me that it was because of Bike to School Week that her family now bikes to school - her son and her younger daughter are on their bikes while she runs alongside with the stroller! She thanked me and said it was because of this great event that her family now cycles to school!”

Jackie Hicks, Ross Road Elementary, Metro Vancouver

“I’ve been cycling to work 3 or more days a week for the last year, which has changed my life in a multitude of positive ways.  What’s been particularly exciting for me over the last few months has been continuing with my regular bike commuting while getting progressively more and more PREGNANT!

I just participated in Bike to Work Week as part of team Velometro.  At 32 weeks (8 months) pregnant, I’ve gotten some shocked, surprised and admiring glances from fellow cyclists on the bike lanes around the city.  To be honest, it’s not often you see a visibly pregnant women riding around town!  I’ve been inspired by the encouragement of my community to keep up with the cycling that has kept me healthy and active for the last year.  Bike to Work Week in particular felt like a good time to celebrate how active, healthy and SAFE cycling is – for EVERYONE!  I’m going to keep it up as long as I can and see no reason to stop.

In fact, I’ve recently learned that pregnant women are encouraged to cycle up until the VERY end in Copenhagen, where it’s quite common for moms-to-be to ride their bikes to the hospital while in early labour!  I think that’s amazing and inspiring.  I only live 3km from BC Women’s Hopspital…

Thank you for all the excellent work you do!”

Heather Ballachey, Velometro, Metro Vancouver

“What a great way to get people motivated to add some activity into their day and to reduce our impact on the earth with a clean commute. This was my first year participating! I just recently started riding to work a month prior and found this a good way to get other co-workers on their bikes as it also coincided with our clean commuter 3 week challenge at work through Provincial Health Service Authorities (PHSA). The amount of celebration stations set up around the community were great to see as well as the extra bikes on the path. Thanks for all the hard work that I am sure takes a while to organize for such a large event, the effort does not go unappreciated.”

Michelle Carvalho, BC Cancer Agency, Metro Vancouver

“I work with Electronic Arts Canada and we’ve got a really great story brewing here! Not only did we have 91 riders sign up, but we spearheaded an initiative called “Orientation Rides”: inviting seasoned riders to allow new riders to literally follow them to work. It was wildly successful. We had volunteers from Deep Cove, Coqutilam, Kits, Richmond – you name it. Our company stepped up and bought new bike racks to support the turnout and is providing a catered breakfast for all the riders on Friday.”

Andrea French, Electronic Arts Canada, Burnaby, Metro Vancouver

“This was my first time doing BTWW, and first time cycling to the office in general. I made a variety of excuses before, which can all be chalked up to laziness. I biked 4 days this week and loved it! Will make biking part of my regular commuting routine - not likely every day, but a couple times a week. Good work!”

Miranda Lewis, Dillon Consulting Ltd, Richmond, Metro Vancouver

“I have registered for Bike to Work Week for several years now and will continue to do so in the future.  I view this as an opportunity to participate in this province wide initiative and as a good incentive to use my bike instead of car to get to work.  It’s a great opportunity to get some exercise and has the potential to save you money if you keep it going beyond the one week event, even if it’s only for a few days a week or limited to the summer months.”

Ralph M. Kossinn, Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, Merritt

“Myself and my children Paige and Isaac participated in Bike to Work week for the first time this year.  We really enjoyed this event.  We joined a team through Interior Health called the Pacemakers.  During one of our commutes to school we found a team of children who were commuting to the same school on bike.  That group was called the Bikesters, organized by students Mikayla Peat and Reece Patterson (hope I got spelling right).  They demonstrated community spirit by allowing us to commute with their group which made the rides more fun for everyone.  We met each morning at the old CMS school and commuted on bike together, with as many as 18 (rough estimate) participants during the ride, to Collettville school.  Another fun aspect of the event was being stopped by the RCMP during the commute and given coupon rewards for wearing helmets.

I asked Paige and Isaac what they liked best about Bike to Work Week and they responded they enjoyed biking and seeing animals such as puppies, bunnies, and birds on the commute.”

Helen Asselstine, Merritt

“My name is Mikaela Peat, I’m twelve years old in grade 7. My mom works for the City of Merritt, she told me that ‘Bike To Work Week‘ is coming up. So, I gathered up a bunch of kids in our neighbourhood, it ended up being a group of 12-13.  We met in the morning and biked to Collettville Elementary School together. We would meet after school and ride back home together too.

On the third day biking to school, a police officer stopped our group to speak with us. He asked for the leader of the group, which was me. He told us that he appreciated all of us wearing our helmets. He then gave us all coupons or cards, to Tim Horton‘s. The group was thankful for that, and excited!

The entire week, the group managed to stick together and ride beside the sidewalks, but not on the road. They listened the majority of the time and we always managed to school safely.  I had a helper my age help me in keeping us all together, and it worked out perfectly! I hope I can do something similar next bike to work week. Many thanks,”

Mikaela Peat, Grade 7 Student, Merritt

This is my third year participating in Bike to Work Week and it has inspired me to continue riding to work at least three times a week since then.  The interesting aspect for me is that I am a Teacher Teaching on Call for Langley school district and each day I am at a different school.  So far my commute has varied from about 4 km to 12 km one way.  Twice I even cycled at lunch to switch schools.  It has been a great way to start the day and to unwind at the end.  I only wish there were better bike routes or at least paved shoulders on all the roads I commute on, from my home in Surrey and throughout Langley district.”

Lou (Elaine) Skinner, TTOC Langley School District

“I am a Realtor, and during Bike to Work Week I was working at a new condo development in Langley.  Biking home to Tsawwassen allowed me to explore the communities along the way and get some time to relax while travelling the farm roads in Langley, South Surrey and Delta.  Found a couple of great routes that I plan to continue to use for training in my off hours!”

Joanne Hoekstra, Rennie & Associates Realty, Langley


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