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Below are some feedback we've received from people accross BC. If you'd like to submit a testimonial about how Bike to Work Week or GoByBike Weeks has affected you, please send it to Terri-Lynn Gifford, Provincial Program Manager,

“I think the "Cycle Alberni' initiative is definitely gaining steam and the Bike to Work Week seemed like a success. I am seeing more people out riding since then! I am excited about improving infrastructure for cyclists around town and making it a more attractive option for people. Thank-you for all of the important work you are doing.”

Sandra Gentelmen, Island Health, Port Alberni

"Bike to Work Week 2015 was exciting, easy to participate in, fun, and a great excuse to leave the car at home. The participant prizes and swag were a really nice touch, so a special ‘thank you’ to the sponsors for their generosity and the many volunteers it takes to put on an event like this. We’re already looking forward Bike to Work Week 2016!”

Leslie Berkes, Environmental Protection Officer, Environmental Protection Regional Operations Branch, Penticton

“Bike to Work Week is such a great community event for so many reasons – it encourages people to get out of their vehicles and into alternate modes of transportation, be that bike, walking, transit or carpool, which promotes more environmentally friendly options for getting to and from work for the rest of the year. It also helps connect co-workers in a different way, which is a total boost to office morale! After having participated in a number to BTWW events over the years, it is always great to see people make a commitment to themselves to leave their vehicles home a few days a week and ride instead. Viva BTWW!”

Lindsay Bourque, Rural Projects Coordinator, Regional District of the South Okanagan, Penticton

“Thank you ... you motivated me to get out on my bike again!! I had my bike stolen and haven’t ridden for over a year. Got me a hand me down bike and had the tire repaired. Thanks BTWW”

Marina Voronkova, Childcare Worker, SOICS, Penticton

“I did the bike to work for the first time in 2013. Since that time I have removed to and from work on my truck insurance and that puts $60 in my jeans every year because now I ride to work all year round. I also quit smoking after I started to ride to work! This bike to work week was one of the best things for me to get involved with! Our small office started with 1 rider in 2012 and this year we had 8 and 5 of us ride all year round now. Thanks for all the effort your team puts in on this and it is really appreciated.”

Jeff Hiller, Penticton

“I loved the camaraderie this event created at my workplace. Biking is such a fun way to enjoy the outdoors, get exercise and relieve stress.”

Kim Slater, Village of Pemberton, Pemberton

I had thought about biking to work for quite a long time but I had never been motivated to do it until recently when we moved into our new office building and installed some bike lockers for our use.  I inquired about getting a bike locker for myself and the timing was perfect since it was about 3 weeks before the bike-to-work week event and so I was invited to join the office team.  It ended up that I did not attempt to actually bike to work until the first day of the bike-to-work week and met the rest of the group from the office for the ride that morning and the experience was great and have been biking to work ever since that dayThe morning rides are a great start to the day and I find the ride home very relaxing and a great way to end off the day adding to the benefit of the exercise from riding my bike which is now part of my everyday lifestyle.” 

Jay O’Donnell, Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA), Nanaimo

“At our hospital in Nanaimo we wanted to see how many people we could get signed up for a big team and to be competitive with other teams. We exceeded expectations by having the most kms in B.C. It was fun watching the other teams’ kms on the website and trying to stay ahead. We would like to challenge all the hospitals on Vancouver Island for next year.”

Kathleen Petereit, Vancouver Island Health Authority, Nanaimo

“We had another fantastic year of Bike to School Week at Lynn Valley Elementary (LVE). It is now our 3rd year of participating. BtSW has become a May tradition at LVE. From early May onwards, children start to ask, "When is Bike to School Week", "Are we doing BtSW again", "I can't wait for BtSW".  We start plugging our event with an information package for parents, an eye-catching rolling notice board which is displayed in prominent locations at drop off and pick up and having LVE children design and put up posters around the school. The creativity of the visuals is the first part of our launch and always entices people to start talking about BtSW.

Our numbers this year were very strong - we had about 50% of the school arrive by bike over the course of the week and 73% of the school actively traveled during the week. Also, we are seeing an upward trend in number of kids biking and actively traveling to school in the Intermediate Grades. This is promising as they become the near-term high-schoolers who actively travel to school and eventually, maybe even consider bike commuting to their first jobs or post-secondary institutions.

We were exceptionally pleased with the biking stats, as this year, we did not have any in-school cycling instruction for which children HAD to bring a bike to school. So we feel the 50% is a true indication of children CHOOSING to ride to school because they want to!

There were 50 bikes in the bike racks on the Monday after BtSW and I hope that we have robust numbers for the rest of June. I feel that I do see more kids on bikes and kids on bikes who previously did not know how or did not enjoy cycling.

Thank you for running the province wide initiative- it is awesome to see so many more schools joining in.”

Barb Towns, Lynn Valley Elementary, City of North Vancouver, Metro Vancouver

“We had a successful Bike to School Week, with more students than ever participating!  It was super-exciting to see kids running to me in the mornings telling me they biked to school.  Our bike racks were overfilled with bikes, so much so that students were parking their bikes in the classrooms!  

And once again, we kicked off BTSW with a convoy of students riding to the nearby celebration station at Foster and Poirier.  The students appreciated the refreshments and free bike mechanic service.  It so happened that I had a flat on the ride there and the mechanic graciously replaced my tube for me!  Celebration stations are awesome!  

I've had a parent share with me that their child has really enjoyed biking to school and that he often takes a long and convoluted ride home so that he can be on his bike longer!

Our school has been bike crazy in May with the Ride the Road program at our school in the past couple of weeks AND a school sponsored trip to Kettle Valley. It really has made a difference and you could feel the bike culture in the school.  I am definitely noticing a lot more students biking to school this year compared to years past.

We've had 267 trips logged during BTSW!  Our biggest showing yet!  The kids were super excited with the daily draw prizes (thank you!), but many of them were just happy to see the stickers go on the poster.  Thank you for helping us encourage students to bike to school!”

Tu Loan Trieu, Hillcrest Middle School, Metro Vancouver


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