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Williams Lake

The weekend - ride anywhere, ride everywhere!

Saturday, June 2, 2018

The last couple days of Bike to Work and School with are the best. No pressure to get somewhere on time (unless, of course, you work on the weekend, in which case, hurry up) but if there's a chance to swap your car out for your bike, why not take it? Bike to the lake, bike to that BBQ, bike around in circles. Just bike - when you can, wherever you can. And don't let the end of Bike to Work and School Week stop you - keep riding.

Thanks to everyone for participating this year. It was a beautiful week to ride and it's so great to see the stoke generated. And thanks again for all the pictures submitted; we really enjoyed seeing you out there, hearing about your routes and stories from the road.

We'll give people a couple days to rack up any last kilometers and then crunch some numbers to see where we're at. If you've logged in and logged kilometers on the Bike to Work BC site that's super rad - but make sure you actually fill out the entry for the grand prize trip to qualify.

It's been a great week! Pedal on!


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