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Williams Lake

Thursday, Day 4 of Bike to Work and School Week!

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Four days into the week - have you made it out everyday? once? not yet? There is still lots of time to get out. Also make sure you register, log your kms, and enter to win the grand prize trip

How is it going? Yesterday morning I was scrambling around trying to get ready for the day - how cold or warm was it? how cold or warm would it be on the ride home (i.e. was I wearing/carrying too many layers)? did I really need my laptop? why was I bringing so much stuff?! But the second I got on my bike and started the cruise to town... bliss! Just the moment, and the wind, and that incredible feeling of powering myself along. That's what I love about riding a bike. What about you?

Have you been in for a Bike to Work Week deal at one of our participating shops yet? Get in there and get fueled! Deals will run until the end of the work week (Friday).

Yesterday's daily draw prize winner is Monica Lamb Yorski. Monica posted a pic from her morning pedal along South Lakeside. Congrats Monica! Don't forget to post a picture from your commute to our Facebook page - the odds are good!

Keep on commuting!

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