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Williams Lake

Last day of the conventional work week - keep on pedaling!

Friday, June 1, 2018

Friday already. Now that you've got the commute dialed, do you think you can keep at it? Maybe not every day, but working your bicycle into your routine, beyond this week, could be a good habit. Good for you, good for the air.

And speaking of the air... do you know that our local Bike to Work and School Week is organized as part of the Williams Lake Air Quality Roundtable and their 'Air Aware' education program? While we spend some of our time telling people what not to do (burn improperly, idle), it is way more fun to just say 'get on your bikes!' and know that we're cutting down on some serious emissions in doing so. We lived bad air quality last summer and we know that there are situations like that beyond our control. If we can reduce the impacts we do have control over - even the little difference taking a car off the road for a day might make - shouldn't we? And breathe deeply any chance we get.

Yesterday's daily draw prize winner is Joel Kooger. Joel's commute along the lake looked like a great way to start the day. Congrats Joel!

I biked by a couple of our local coffee shops yesterday and noticed that there were still a couple bike lights up for grabs. Wheel in there and grab one! Big thanks to New World Cafe, the Bean Counter, Smashin' Smoothies, the Gecko Tree ,and Taylor Made Cakes for participating again this year.

And shout out to our bike shops, Red Shreds Bike and Board Shed and Barking Spider Mountain Bike, for providing the daily draw prizes.

Happy riding!

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