2020 Bike to School Week | 2020 Bike to Work Week

Greater Victoria

Bike Skills Courses & Workshops

Bike Skills Courses: Knowledge, Skills, & Confidence

Brush up on your bike skills!

Our bike skills courses build traffic cycling proficiency through knowledge and skills training. Participants will learn the rules of the road, how to communicate with other road users, trail etiquette, cyclist rights and responsibilities, how to plan your commute, how to navigate Victoria’s changing cycling infrastructure, and more. Courses begin in class, then move to on-bike handling practice in a parking lot (non-traffic environment), and finally participants will apply the knowledge and skills they've learned on a small group ride through various traffic scenarios on local roads.  Our Bike Skills Courses will help you gain comfort and confidence on your bike to make cycling fun and safe.

Register for a course today

Contact adam@biketowork.ca with any questions.

We also offer Workplace Workshops to get your workplace or team ready to ride.
Choose from the following topics:

  • Spring or fall riding preparedness
  • All weather riding/night riding
  • Basic traffic safety
  • Basic bike maintenance
  • Overcoming barriers to cycling

OR let us create a custom workshop that suits your group’s needs.

Contact us to book a workplace workshop.

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