Tu Loan Trieu, Hillcrest Middle School, Metro Vancouver

“We had a successful Bike to School Week, with more students than ever participating!  It was super-exciting to see kids running to me in the mornings telling me they biked to school.  Our bike racks were overfilled with bikes, so much so that students were parking their bikes in the classrooms!  

And once again, we kicked off BTSW with a convoy of students riding to the nearby celebration station at Foster and Poirier.  The students appreciated the refreshments and free bike mechanic service.  It so happened that I had a flat on the ride there and the mechanic graciously replaced my tube for me!  Celebration stations are awesome!  

I've had a parent share with me that their child has really enjoyed biking to school and that he often takes a long and convoluted ride home so that he can be on his bike longer!

Our school has been bike crazy in May with the Ride the Road program at our school in the past couple of weeks AND a school sponsored trip to Kettle Valley. It really has made a difference and you could feel the bike culture in the school.  I am definitely noticing a lot more students biking to school this year compared to years past.

We've had 267 trips logged during BTSW!  Our biggest showing yet!  The kids were super excited with the daily draw prizes (thank you!), but many of them were just happy to see the stickers go on the poster.  Thank you for helping us encourage students to bike to school!”

Tu Loan Trieu, Hillcrest Middle School, Metro Vancouver