Start a Team - How to Register

Choose to register your team FREE through GoByBike BC's website OR HUB Cycling (if you live in Metro Vancouver) OR Both for more chances to win prizes.

Download a Bike to School How To Guide: CLICK HERE.

Download a BOOKMARK to print for your students: CLICK HERE.

Registering through the GoByBike BC Website:

Q: Who can start a team?

A: Anyone with a valid email address!

For Elementary & Middle Schools: one Team Leader will register a team and enter results for that team. When asked if you are registering for Bike to Work or Bike to School, select Bike to School!For High Schools: A Team Leader registers the team and anyone can join the team. Either the Team Leader can enter results for their team members, or team participants can login and enter their own results. 

High Schools should register for the Bike to Work event type in order to allow students to join the team and enter their own results.

Q: How do I register?

A: For Elementary & Middle Schools:

If you've never registered before, CLICK HERE, and when asked what event you are registering for, select "Bike to School."

If you registered your school team last year, CLICK HERE (all you have to do is login to register).

For High Schools:

If you've never registered before, CLICK HERE and register under the Bike to Work event type.

If you registered your school team last year, CLICK HERE (all you have to do is login to register).

Q: How do I add students to my team?

A: For Elementary & Middle Schools:

After Bike to School Week is over, Login to your account, click on "Enter Team Results" and enter

  1. the total students on your team that biked each day
  2. the total number of people who biked to school for the first time during this week
  3. the system will auto-calculate km's based on the median distance students live from their schools in BC. You can override this if you know the exact number of km's biked.

For High Schools:

During the Registration it will prompt you to add riders to your team; don't worry, you can add riders to your team at any time, you don't need to know everyone on your team at this point.

Once you register your team, you click on "Manage & Add Riders" and input the student's first name, last name or last initial, their City of Residence, and if they are New to Biking. Note: you do NOT have to input their email address (as shown below).

Q: Can people join my team?

A: Elementary & Middle Schools:

No. Team Leaders "Enter Results" after Bike to School Week is over.

High Schools:

Yes, anyone with a valid email address can join your team. To join a team, the person clicks REGISTER and when asked if they are registering as a Team Leader or Rider, they select Rider, and select to Join a Team. They can do a search for the Team via searching for the Team Name or School Name.

Q: Can there be multiple teams in my school?

A: Yes! You can have classroom teams or student group teams. This enables you to have friendly competitions amongst your classes/groups.

Q: How do I keep track of my team's participation?

A:You can use this tool to track your team's participation throughout the week (CLICK HERE)

If you have any questions, please click here to contact your community coordinator.


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