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2019 GoByBike Haunted Business Tour!

Join us on your bikes as we kick off provincial Fall GoByBike Week on Monday October 21 from 12-1pm at the Chamber of Commerce!

We’ll be jamming out to CICK tunes and handing out haunted passport maps, Tim Horton’s hot chocolate, Bugwood coffee, pizza, treats & more! Bike rodeo weather

*dress for cold weather*

How do you participate?

1) Join at 12-1 kickoff on 21st and grab map
2) Register and ride to participating decorated businesses over 10 days, collect stamps/signatures on the map to win prizes + round airfare for two to Vancouver!
3) Enter your map into the draw box at the Chamber of Commerce

Reach out: info@smitherschamber.com
Register: https://www.biketowork.ca/registrations





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