Bike to Work Week

Port Alberni

2017 Bike to Work & School Week is May 29 - June 4!

Registration opens April 13, 2017. We're excited to get riding!

March 1, 2017

Thanks to everyone who made the 2016 Bike to Work and School Week in Port Alberni a huge success!

In 2016, we saw over 130 riders in Port Alberni participate. In only seven days, these riders pedaled more than 3,700 km, burning 100,000 calories and having a blast while doing so. By choosing to cycle instead of commute by car, these community residents got to enjoy the fresh air, meet new people, and even helped to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to cleaner air and a healthy environment.

Community Sponsors

Canadian Tire
# Riders
65 Teams
New Riders
48 / 52 % Female/Male
Total Km
Calories Burned

Provincial Sponsors


Acro Media Inc