2020 Bike to School Week | 2020 Bike to Work Week


Bike to School Week

Why Get Involved?

Bike to School Week wants students to scooter, skateboard or ride their bikes to and from school in order to encourage the healthy habit of active transport. We want kids to develop a passion for an active lifestyle. Participating in Bike to School Week is a fun way to motivate your students’ interest in cycling and get them to increase their level of daily physical activity. By promoting a car-free method of getting to school kids are helping decrease carbon emissions and setting a positive example for their parents. Through Bike to School Week kids can make a difference in their health and their community. 

The school with the most participants will win a pizza party or glow party for all the riders. Email penticton@biketowork.ca for more details.

Starting a Team and How to Register 

Step by step instructions
Note: Select either GoByBike for Students for larger School Teams; or GoByBike for Teens and Adults. If you choose to participate in the Student version, only one team leader needs to register your team. The team leader can log kilometers cycled for your entire team/class/school. You can have as many teams participate as you like. Some schools create classroom teams, others create grade teams, and others create one team for the entire school. If you choose to participate in Teen/Adult version, you can participate as a solo rider, team leader, or a team member.

Joining a Team

Step by step instructions

Get Your School Involved

Register your team FREE register with Bike to Work BC, you can track your Greenhouse Gases saved, have fun school wide competitions, be eligible to win great prizes, download a Bike to School poster to promote the event, or customize your own school poster with a photo of your students.

Tracking your KM Resources

See what Skaha Middle School is doing in the Spirit of Bike to School Week "1000 Km of Awesome!"

More Ways to Get Your School Involved:

  • Teach kids safe cycling skills and road safety. Get your FREE educational materials from ICBC here: http://www.icbc.com/road-safety/teaching/Pages/For-educators.aspx
  • Put posters up around your school to promote the event 
  • Get prizes for students or classes that have the most participation
  • Set up a Celebration Station in the morning and reward students who cycle with snacks or chances to enter prize draws
  • Get competitive! Hold a school-wide competition to see which class can cycle the most trips during Bike to School Week
  • Take a bike ride at lunch time
  • Plan a bike rodeo/obstacle course at lunch time
  • Teach students how to check their bikes for safety
  • Ask a local fireman to come and do helmet fitting one day

Skaha Middle Schools is putting on 1000 Km of Awesome to raise awareness of helmet and bike safety!

Go to the Tips and Resources section for more information on signing up a team and ideas for making Bike to School Week a fun and safe event for your school.

Participate as an Individual

Bike to School Week is a chance for Schools throughout British Columbia to encourage and celebrate students and their families cycling to school. We recommend that schools or classes create teams and participate in Bike to School Week as a team. However, if you are an individual that wants to participate on your own, click Register and register as a Solo Rider.

After Registering as a Solo Rider, if you decide to join a team, you can still do that.

Registering and tracking your kilometres enters you into a prize draw for a chance to win lots of great prizes.


  1. Penticton Prizes (you are entered to win automatically when you register on the BTWW site and log km)
    1. New Bike
    2. Gift Certificates
    3. Bike Safety Gear


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