2020 Bike to School Week | 2020 Bike to Work Week



Resources for BTWW 2019:
  1. General: BTWW Poster to view (BTWW Poster to Print)
  2. BTWW Participation Tracker Form (pdf)  
  3. School: BTSW Poster to view (BTSW Poster to Print)
  4. BTSW Participation Tracker Form (pdf) 
  5. Celebration Station Poster (pdf)
  6. Team Participation Form (pdf)
  7. Team Leader Manual
  8. Leisure Family Ride (jpg)

Check out the BC Bike Sense Manual for safe riding tips!

Planning your route:

  1. RDOS Cycling Network Interactive Map
  2. City of Pentictons 2015 Trails and Cycling Network Map
  3. GoByBikeBC/ Bike to Work Week mapping tool:
    1. Log In
    2. Go to the "Dashboard" (top right grey button)
    3. Log a Trip
    4. Under "Quick Route Log" there is a link "Add a new route" click this
    5. then use "Google Maps" to map out a route that you can saved as a "Quick Route" that you can use to easily log your km for the week

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