2020 Bike to School Week | 2020 Bike to Work Week


How it Works

Registration is Open NOW!

Welcome to Fall GoByBike Weeks in Penticton. Choose from the side menu to find out more about how to register, events that are taking place around town, prizes and the role of a Team Leader.
Using your Dashboard:
  1. Click the “Login” Button at the top of the website (Once you login the first time your will be registered for this years Bike to Work & School Week)
  2. From here you can log a trip, manage your routes, edit your profile, change your team or invite other riders to join your team.   It’s just that Easy.
  3. Log a Trip – using Quick Kilometer Log by simply adding total km for that day
  4. Log Trip by creating routes using Map view and naming your routes
  5. Invite other riders to join you by adding e-mail addresses and a note to your friends, family and colleagues.
  6. Leading up to Bike to Work Week, you can track your rides and see your results on line.  A great way to motivate your team to get riding ahead of time.   During bike to work week only these rides will be visible on our website
To Log your individual km go to your 
  1. then --> Log a Trip and choose 1 of the following log options
    1. Quick Route Log to map out your route and km on google maps
    2. or Quick Km Log
      1. input the date of your trip, km, and click the Log Now button
Team Leaders to log team km go to your 
  1. Log a Trip for an individual team member
    1. select the Rider from the drop down menu
    2. fill in the date
    3. fill in the Km
    4. click the Log Now button
  2. Log a Trip for your entire team
    1. select My entire team from the drop down menu under Rider
    2. fill in the date
    3. fill in the Km
    4. click the Log Now button




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