2020 Bike to School Week | 2020 Bike to Work Week


Bike to Work & School Week

The Penticton and Area Cycling Association would like to let you know that the Penticton Bike to Work & School Week event is on again for 2020. BTWW is celebrating it's 11th year in Penticton thanks to all our fantastic supporters. So get your coworkers and classmates involved and lets make this the biggest year yet! Check out our Celebration Station line up for 2020.

About GoByBike BC Society

GoByBike BC Society (formerly Bike to Work BC Society) is a registered non-profit society governed by a board of directors.

Bike to Work & School Week is a BC wide initiative that encourages people to get out of their cars and onto their bikes in order to help the evironment, improve their health, and decrease the number of cars on the roads. It is a week long event with Celebration Stations set up around the city, prizes for riders, and incentives to encourage people of all ages to get to work, drop off children at school, go to school, or go to the supermarket by bike. Bike to Work & School Week is sponsored around BC by the GoByBike BC Society, a non-profit cycling organization, and is hosted in Penticton by Penticton and Area Cycling Association. The City of Penticton is also a major sponsor for the event in our community.


“A future in which as many people as possible experience the joy of using bicycles for everyday transportation.”


"By securing and sharing resources, GoByBike BC helps communities throughout British Columbia deliver successful events that encourage people to use bicycles for everyday transportation."


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