2019 Bike to School Week | 2019 Bike to Work Week


2019 Bike to Work and School Week May 27-June 2

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Final draw for the Freedom Bike will be next week, so watch here and on our Facebook page.


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May 23, 2019

Wednesday May 29th All Ages Fun Ride!

Meet at the Penticton Art Gallery at 6:15 for a fun and social ride through the downtown and along Lakeshore Drive.

Nervous riding on the roads? Here is your opportunity to practice in a safe, supported, and police escorted environment. Kids of all ages are welcome. They get a kick out of riding like an adult on the roads. Try riding in a group and enjoy the freedom of owning the road.

Come join us!  

April 29, 2019

Stolen Bike Returned to Owner

During the rash of break ins in downtown Penticton two mountain bikes were stolen. One of the bikes had a Garage 529 sticker on it. The police find stolen bikes on a daily basis but do not have a way to track the bikes and get them back to their owners. Garage 529 provides them a way to identify a bike's owner and where it was stolen from so that it can be returned. As a result of this sticker and being registered, one of the above mentioned mountain bikes was returned to its grateful owner.

October 25, 2018

The Father Daughter Duo Team Story...

Activity Feed

Charlie Wieder biked 20.00 km for fun, June 21, 2019
Charlie Wieder biked 45.00 km for 2019 Bike to Work Week, June 16, 2019
Charlie Wieder biked 10.00 km for 2019 Bike to Work Week, June 15, 2019
Charlie Wieder biked 60.00 km for 2019 Bike to Work Week, June 14, 2019
Charlie Wieder biked 20.00 km for 2019 Bike to Work Week, June 13, 2019
Charlie Wieder biked 30.00 km for 2019 Bike to Work Week, June 12, 2019
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