2020 Bike to School Week | 2020 Bike to Work Week



"What I liked most about riding my bike to work was the exhilaration of exiting my driveway... the initial, "ok, let's do this 3km bike ride at 5:30 in the morning." followed by the, "holy crap, it's too early to be this awake... it's going to be a great day." I enjoyed clocking my kms and visually seeing how far I was riding, the sights and smells i was missing while driving, and lowering my greenhouse gas footprint during bike to work week. I started my team not because I needed a reason to bike to work, but to share the experience with my fellow coworkers. My goal in creating a team wasn't about making it a competition, it was about finding a way to unify everyone. It definitely got us all talking about bikes (and accidents). BTWW was an awesome experience and I hope to join in again next year."

- Kristyn Zakall, Mount Currie Coffee Co.

"The best things about biking to work in Pemberton is getting some exercise, enjoying nature and how fast I can get home after work since it's all downhill from the office"

- Brooke Carere, Squamish Lillooet Regional District

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