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Community Bike Racks

Monday, June 2, 2014

With help from Environment Canada funding and a very generous discount from CORA Bike Racks, Sea to Sky Clean Air Society purchased three bike racks of various sizes.  The community with the highest per capita participation wins the biggest one!  Current rankings are as follows:

Squamish: Participation - 139; Population - 17,479; Per Capita Participation - 0.8%

Whistler: Participation - 323; Population - 9,824 ; Per Capita Participation - 3%

Pemberton: Participation - 17; Population -  2,370; Per Captia Participation - 0.7%

Looks like we have a winner, way to go Whistler!  Bike racks will be presented to each community during Clean Air Day Celebrations.  


Population references:




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