2020 Bike to School Week | 2020 Bike to Work Week



Bike to Work / School Week encourages people to commute to work via bicycle. Riding a bike instead of commuting via car promotes healthy lifestyles and prevention of health issues through regular exercise! The Sea to Sky Clean Air Society supports this mandate and is coordinating the event in Whistler, Pemberton and Squamish.

Bike to Work Week aims to encourage residents to cycle to work (or school) during the event, with the objective that participants will continue to commute by bicycle on a regular basis. Commuting is a significant cause of carbon emissions in the Sea to Sky airshed and choosing to cycle instead, even occasionally, can have dramatic results. You can also log trips when you run errands that you would have otherwise used your car for. Retired or not working at the moment? If you choose your bike over a vehicle for errands or getting around town, you can register and log those trips on order to participate. Accompanying your child to school by bike instead of driving them? Parents & caregivers can log those trips too!

Bike to Work / School Week’s essential components include: 

  • Engagement of workplaces among a wide variety of organizations large and small
  • Engagement of employees as team leaders–participation and registration is done through a team leader model—Team leaders in each workplace (champion volunteers) inform and motivate their co-workers 
  • Website tools and resources that provide convenient, free, online registration and a participant reporting system, allowing us to collect data and measure results for each region 
  • Celebration Stations and / or events supported by sponsors and volunteers throughout the community 
  • An exciting incentive program of prizes for individuals and communities
  • Promoting cycling safety through the website and Celebration Stations

Bike to Work & School Week helps build more vibrant, green, healthier communities in which to live and work! 

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