Bike to Work Week

Vernon & North Okanagan

Bike to Work Week 2015: May 24 - 30, 2015!

Welcome Riders and Team Leaders!


Thank you to all of cyclists who made this year's Bike to Work and School Week such a success. We are hoping to have all results in by June 5th, so please remember to log all trips you made on your bike during Bike to Work Week. If you are uncertain how to log your trips, see below for more information. Team Leaders can also visit the Team Leaders page for more information on how to log trips for their team members.


Thank you so much to all of the staff, volunteers, sponsors, and participants who came out to our events this week! Though we experienced some challenging weather for some of them, it was a pleasure to host events for all of you enthusiastic cyclists out there. If you'd like to know more about the turnout for our Bike to Work and School Week events this year, you can check out the Event Info page. For an overview of all the events we hosetd this year, you can also see them listed in this Google Calendar (just scroll down to the "Interior Region" calendar to view the events for the entire Okanagan Valley).


Thank you to our sponsors Sun Country Cycle and Skyride, each of whom donated a bike for the prize draws. Congratulations to Carmen, the winner of the bike from Sun Country Cycle, and Paige, the winner of the bike from Skyride!


This year, Bike to Work BC partnered with HASTE to run Bike to School Week, and so far it has been a huge scucess, with many enthusiastic cyclists and hundreds of students participating in some form of active travel (walking, bussing, skateboarding/scootering, and biking). See our Bike to School page for more information. 


Riders, please log your results for Bike to Work Week! 

1.   Click on the orange Dashboard button in the top right corner. 
2.   If you haven't already created routes, click on Manage My Routes in the left-hand menu.
2a. Click on Create A Route at the bottom of the page. 
2b. Enter a Start Point, an End Point (addresses), and a Route Name (under Save This Route) in the menu on the left-hand side.
2c. The map will automatically create a route for you, but if you want to change the route (e.g. if you know you will be taking a different road than the one listed on the map) you can drag and drop the blue "route" lines on the map to change the route that is automatically created.
2d. If this route will typically be a two-way route, be sure to check the 2-way route button under the Name Your Route box. This will double the kilometers logged. 
2e. Click Save This Route to save the route to the Bike to Work BC website. 
NOTE: There is also a Save and Log This Route Today button available. This will save your route and automatically log the route for the day the route was created. You will still need to go back and log a trip for any time you took this route before saving it on the website! 
3.   Click on Log A Trip in the left-hand menu. 
3a. Find the route you want to log in the Quick Route Log (each route will show up as an orange button) and click it. Or, click Add a New Route and follow the steps detailed in 2, above. 
3b. Make sure that the 2-way route button is checked or un-checked, whichever is appropriate. 
3c. Click the route you want to log. The Bike to Work website will automatically calculate the kilometers for you based on which route you selected. In the pop-up window, make certain that the date shown is the date you want to log a trip for (it will automatically fill in today's date, so type in a new date if necessary). Then click Log Trip
3d. OR, if you already know how many kilometers your route is and do not want to create a new route, you can skip the above steps and use the Quick Kilometer Log at the bottom of the same page instead. Simply enter the correct date and the number of kilometers in the two dialogue boxes and hit Log Now. 
3e. Remember, the Bike to Work Week website can only log one trip at a time, so make certain that you do this for ALL trips logged during the week so that your results are accurate!
4. You're done! You can now view your logged trips at the very bottom of this page, under Trip Log. The Trip Log automatically shows only trips logged for May 25-31, but you can view trips logged on other dates by entering the desired Start Date and End Date and hitting Apply.

Congratulations on your kilometers cycled this week, and once again, thanks so much for participating! 




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Vernon & North Okanagan

Bike to Work Week 2015

May 25th - May 31st 2015

701 Total Riders 51 Total Teams 153 New Riders 57/43 % Female/Male 13,570 Total Kms Cycled 407,109 Calories Burned 2,942 Kg GHGs Saved

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