2018 Bike to Work Week | 2018 Bike to School Week


Bike to Work

Get on your bike and ride!

You can take part in Bike to Work Week in lots of different ways. Register as an individual, a team member, or a team leader. However you participate, it's good for you, the community, and the environment! Most of all, it's fun.


You can register as an individual rider now then join a team--or start a team--later if you like. It's quick, easy, free and fun to take part.  
Register here.

Use the Dashboard to log trips, create routes, join a team, or invite others to join you for Bike to Work Week. Go to Resources>Tips for more information.

Start a Team and be a Team Leader

Register and start a team today. 

What does a Team Leader do?

As a Team Leader, you help make a positive difference. You support teammates in having fun during the week, inspiring them to take on a challenge or two, and generally making healthier lifestyle choices.

A Team Leader 

  • helps raise awareness about Bike to Work week 
  • motivates co-workers/colleagues to participate in Bike to Work Week. 
  • can monitor teammates' participation through their Bike to Work week Dashboard
  • encourages teammates to log their kilometres, or can log teammates' kilometres for them
  • adds members to the team in the registration system, or helps new members register and join the team

How to become a Team Leader

  1. Register now (Register here)
  2. After you enter your personal information, choose to register as a Team Leader
  3. Create a Team

Tips to Motivate Teammates

  • Hang posters in your workplace to spread the word about the week.
  • Hold an information session to rally your team 
  • Check in with your teammates--you can log in to your Dashboard, click "Communication" and email some or all of your team
  • Hold a route planning session
  • Ride in/home together
  • Encourage safe cycling skills
  • ​Organize friendly competition within the team or with other teams (who cycles every day, who sees the most critters on the commute....).
    See if there are any community challenges here.
  • Celebrate your team's successes with a party, special breakfast or lunch


Get your Workplace Involved

Bike to Work Week is a great way to encourage co-workers to try cycling to work at least one day during the week of the event. People who bike to work report being more relaxed and rejuvenated, and experience increased sense of well-being. 

Employers benefit from their employees biking to work too! People who bike to work tend to have lower absenteeism, take less sick days, are more productive, and are happier, healthier employees.

How do I get my workplace involved?

  • Register here
  • Sign up as a Team Leader (you can assign this role to someone else in your organization if you want to later)
  • Create a Team
  • Tell your employer about the event and about the team you created
  • Talk to your employer about creating safe bike storage
  • Ask your employer to help encourage employees to join the team
  • If you work in a large organization, consider asking people to create departmental teams, or multiple smaller teams. This will enable friendly competitions within your organization, or as a united group, take on other organizations/businesses in Nanaimo.
  • Check out the Resource page for posters and a map of Celebration Stations to put up around your organization or business. They're available now.




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