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Team Leader Info

Team leaders are a critical component in making Bike to Work & School Week (BTWSW) a resounding success.

Team leaders help to bring BTWSW, and biking as a habit, to the workplace. Team leaders provide tips, ideas, information and inspiration to fellow employees, which give these people an opportunity to explore the fun and health benefits of active living. We understand that Team Leaders are vital to the success of BTWSW and the organizers are here to support you in any way we can.

In the past, teams within a workplace would report to their team leaders the days that they biked to and/or from work, and the team leader was responsible for tracking their team’s kilometers for the week. Our website provides a registration system that makes it easier for all participants. As a team leader, you can decide to keep track of your team’s information (with the Team Participation Sign-Up Form), which is filled in with the number of kilometers each team member rides. Once it is complete at the end of Bike to Work Week you will then enter the kilometers for each of your team members. Or your team members can input their own kilometers using our new registration system on our website. It is important that all members provide their kilometers in order for your team to be eligible to win prizes.

There are many benefits to being a team leader:
  • Support for cyclists and cycling at the workplace;
  • Demonstrating leadership and initiative at work; and  
  • Prizes – specific for team leaders!

For those who want to see more people lead active, healthy lives, being a team leader is a great way to inspire friends and colleagues!

What is required of a Team Leader?
  • Choose a fun name for your company team.
  • Register your team online at www.biketowork.ca/registration - only registered teams are eligible for the BTWW draw prizes!
  • Encourage your team.
  • Before and after the event, act as an information hub and support person for your colleagues.
  • Have participants log the days that they ride to and/or from work.
  • After the event, report your team participation results online.
  • Celebrate your team’s success!
Ideas for Motivating Your Team
  • Focus on the benefits, not the consequences of cycling to work. Focusing on the consequences invites a sense of fear/guilt, which people will then steer away from rather than towards, and are more likely to say no despite the positive benefits that may also be involved.
  • Focus on intrinsic benefits rather than societal. Intrinsic benefits (i.e. higher energy levels, feeling of accomplishment, of well-being) will motivate more than benefits that are more societal in nature (i.e. environmental gain, saving money on transport).
  • Keep it fun and simple!
  • Make it a competition! Just as we offer you, as team leaders, prizes to keep you motivated, get your business to sponsor prizes for your team! Prizes are a short-term, tangible, and measurable benefit that can serve as very effective motivators.
Common Objections to Biking To Work

“I’m nervous about riding on my own in the city; I don’t know the rules and my rights as a cyclist.”
Response: Help set up a co-worker to ride to work with them. Refer them to Bike Sense, The British Columba Bicycle Operator’s Manual.

“I don’t know what route to use.”
Response: Take a few minutes to help them map out a route.

“I live too far away.”
Response: Take the bus one way using the rack on front of the bus. Or drive part way: park at one of your normal stops, for example, at your kid’s school or daycare, and then park and ride from there.

“We don’t have showers at work.”
Response: Showers are not always necessary. The ride in the morning is usually cooler and with a breeze most sweat evaporates. Sometimes you can sweat more by standing or walking around outside than by cycling. Advanced clothing materials, such as merino wool, also help wick moisture away. Note: only 20% of bicycle commuters actually shower at work (http://www.bicyclesource.com/showering_for_commuters). You can also bike slower on the way in and faster on the way home. Another option is to take a quick sponge bath and a towel to dry.

“My clothes will get creased.”
Response: Leave a change of clothes at work.

“I have to drop my kids off at daycare.”
Response: Drive to school with the kids, park your car at the school or daycare, then ride to work. Or alternate days with your partner.


How much does it cost to participate in BTWSW?
It’s FREE! Thanks to the support of our sponsors, participation in the event is free. T-shirts for non-team leaders cost a fee, but are not a requirement to take-part.  

Are walkers, roller bladers, transit riders, and carpoolers counted?
No, BTWSW is focused solely on cycling.

How big is my team?
Your team size is not the number of cyclists participating, but rather the total number of people in your workplace. For really large employers (over 50 staff), you may want to break into several smaller teams.

Do I include all of the names of my team members in my registration?
Yes, you need to add individual names to your team on the web or team members can register and join your team.

Where do I get supplies for BTWSW and what is available?
Contact the Kamloops Bike to Work & School Week Coordinators by email - kamloopsBTWW@gmail.com.
Posters, team participation sheets, and t-shirts are available.   

For further information please contact:

Caitlin Brant and Derek Finlayson
Email: kamloopsbtww@gmail.com

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