2020 Bike to School Week | 2020 Bike to Work Week


Kamloops Bike to School Week

For Bike to School Week information and to register please visit the provincial site.

Bike to School Safety Resources can be found here.

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Celebration Stations for the 2019 Kamloops Bike to School Week


Monday, May 27th          

Tuesday, May 28th          

Wednesday, May 29th           

 Thursday, May 30th

8:00am to 8:30am

Lloyd George Elem.

Pacific Way Elem.

South Sahali Elem.

David Thompson Elem.

All kids who ride their bikes to school will get free healthy snacks, drinks and a chance to win prizes!

Don’t see your school on the list but you’re interested in Bike to School Week? Become a Champion for your School! 

FAQs - Registering through the Bike to Work BC Website

Q: Who can start a team?
A: Anyone with a valid email address!

Q: How do I register?
A: If you've never registered before, click here. If you registered your school team last year, click here (all you have to do is login to register).

Q: Is my Organization Name my School Name or School District?
A: Your Organization is your School District.
Your Branch Name is your School Name.
Your Team Name is your Class Name, or Club Name, or anything you want it to be! Please put "Students" or "Staff" in your Team Name. For example: "Grade 4P Students"

Q: How do I add students to my team?
A: During the Registration it will prompt you to add riders to your team; don't worry, you can add riders to your team at any time, you don't need to know everyone on your team at this point. Once you register your tam, you click on Manage & Add Riders and input the student's first name, last name or last initial, their City of Residence, and if they are New to Biking. Note: you do NOT have to input their email address.

Q: I am having trouble registering my child/student. S/he doesn't have an email address OR I am the Team Leader and cannot use my email address twice.
A: Only the Team Leader (or anyone who wants to self-report online) needs an email address. Please leave this section blank for your students.

Q: Can people join my team?
A: Yes, anyone with a valid email address can join your team (unless you reside in Greater Victoria, for this region only Team Leaders add riders to their teams). To join a team, the person clicks Register and when asked if they are registering as a Team Leader or Rider, they select Rider, and select to Join a Team. They can do a search for the Team via searching for the Team Name or School Name.

Q: Can there be multiple teams in my school?
A: Yes! You can have classroom teams or student group teams. This enables you to have friendly competitions amongst your classes/groups.

Q: How do I keep track of my team's participation?
A: You can download and use this form to keep track of your team's trips cycled and enter all participation data at the end of Bike to Work & School Week. When you enter kilometres cycled, you can do it either on a student basis or you can enter it for your entire class/team. For example, you can enter Tom's kilometres cycled and Bob's kilometres cycled; or you can enter 21 km's were cycled by 15 out of 25 people on your team.

For more information, please email Kamloopsbtww@gmail.com.

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