HELP - Team Leader Registration

Registering as a Team Leader allows you to manage your Bike To Work Week team and riders.

To register, click on the 'Register' button on the top right of the page. This will take you into the registration wizard.

1. Start by entering your Name, Email, Preferred Password, and Location of your Bike to Work Week event.

2. Next, select 'I am a Team Leader'

The next step will depend on if your Organization has already been registered for Bike to Work Week.

3. Start typing to search for your Organization.

3a. By selecting your organization, you will be either prompted to join an existing branch or create a new one (if your organization does not have branches, this step is still neccessary, and 'N/A' can be used).

Once you've either created your Organization and/or Branch or selected an existing one, you can now create your team. If a Team already exists within your same Branch, you can also join this team as a rider here.

4. Create a team name, this is publicy viewable so be nice :-)

5. Please take a moment to fill in some personal information. This information helps make the site better in the future.

6. Add your teammates. Any riders you add will be sent a notfication email and a login to confirm their participation. You can always add and remove riders later from your Dashboard

Your Done! Happy Riding.

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