Guide to Choosing the Best Bike for You

Guide to Choosing the Best Bike for You

Choosing The Best Commuting Bike For You

Cycling to work isn’t just great for your health, it’s also easy on the pocket and will do the environment some good too. However, in order for you to be completely committed to this type of commute, you must find the perfect commuting bike that will meet your cycling needs. For one, your bike must be comfortable. It must also be convenient and practical, which makes it reliable for everyday use. And of course, to further strengthen your commitment to biking to work, getting your co-workers involved is an excellent idea as well. It’s always a great feeling to be with a supportive group and one that will also enjoy the benefits of cycling to work.

Before you check out your options, you should know that Canadians are already doing a great job in cycling to work. According to the City of Vancouver, 10% of its residents cycled to work in 2016, and that was for the second year in a row. Moreover, Vancouver has already gone above and beyond with its goal of 7% by 2020. Knowing this, doesn’t it feel good to be involved too? For now, check out these options and get the right commuting bike or you.

Low-Maintenance Bikes

In choosing the right bike for you, you must consider the journey time as well as the terrain you will be cycling on. If you’re just cycling around town and want a low-maintenance bike, the Dutch bike is one to consider. It’s stylish and very practical to use, and can even help with carrying the groceries. The riding position is quite relaxed too. However, Dutch bikes are heavy and they’re not recommended to be used on hills.

Another very popular low-maintenance bike is the Classic Fixie or Singlespeed bike. With no multi-gear drivetrain to think about, cyclists like that it’s a hassle-free ride, making it great for commuting. It’s more affordable than the Dutch bike, but it’s not very adaptable and isn’t hill-friendly as well.

Now if you cycle and ride the train at the same time, the best option is a folding bike. This bike can be easily folded, stored, and carried, making it a perfect choice for those who live in apartments or condominiums. However, it won’t be as comfortable in long rides compared to a full-sized bike and will not be as fast.

Rough Terrain Bikes

In April 2017, Statistics Canada showed a study highlighting the relationship between Canadians and cycling. Back in 2013-2014, 41% of Canadians who were aged 12 and above reported that they cycled in the previous year. This percentage is a good benchmark, but it will be better if the numbers continue to rise. That said, maybe riding an all-around bike will push you to commit to cycling to work regularly.

One of the most dependable bikes on the market today are hybrid bikes. You can use them on roads, gravel, and even off-road. They offer a friendlier traffic position compared to a mountain bike and are pretty versatile.

Mountain bikes are a smart choice, too because you can use them both on the road and rough terrain. Use it as a commuting bike on weekdays, and go to a mountain trail on the weekend without any problem. The only downside is that this can get heavy and is usually more expensive.

Road Bikes

If you don’t plan to use your bike off-road, then road bikes are an excellent choice. They’re great on roads, especially if you’re traveling long distances. It can go really fast too. On the other hand, it’s not the most comfortable and isn’t as sturdy as mountain bikes when it comes to rough roads or broken pavement.

If you are cycling on rough roads, then consider a cyclocross or gravel bike instead. These things are sturdier and more versatile but don’t expect them to be as fast as road bikes on the tarmac. Moreover, if you need to go up the hill often, you can go for electric bikes instead. You can think of them as an alternative for cars as they are very efficient and is great for covering long distances. The only downside is they’re expensive, heavy, and needs to be recharged.

Making a commitment to cycle to work every day will make you less stressed, more relaxed, and happier. And if you’re happier, you’ll be happier in the workplace too. You simply have to choose the right commuting bike for you, so you’ll feel comfortable in cycling every day.

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