Congratulations to Randy Gregory, of Kamloops, Winner of the Exodus Travels Grand Prize Trip for 2, Cycling the Baltics!

November 22, 2019

(November, 2019) “My wife and I have talked about traveling by bike, so I was really excited to learn about winning this prize, and about the opportunity to explore the Baltics by bike,“ says Randy Gregory, winner of the Exodus Travels 2019 Fall GoByBike Weeks Grand Prize Trip for 2, Cycling the Baltics.

Randy works in Production at Domtar Pulp in Kamloops, BC. He’s biked to work for more than 25 years; and he’s participated in Bike to Work Week since 2012 and GoByBike Weeks since 2018. “Biking to work is a nice way to start the day, and biking home from work is a great way to clear your mind at the end of the day. Plus, when you bike to work, you always get the best parking!” he, says.  

In 2013, Randy experienced a bad workplace accident in which he broke his back and several other bones. His orthopedic surgeon recommended he use the indoor exercise bike as part of his rehabilitation, at which point, Randy asked the surgeon if he could ride his bicycle outdoors instead, and with his surgeon’s approval Randy began biking his way to recovery. “I started by biking back and forth to work. Biking helped me physically recover, as well as helped me mentally through the rehabilitation process,” he says.

Randy and his wife celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary with a trip to Munich, Germany. They quickly noticed an abundance of people biking from city to city, and agreed that one day they’d love to explore Europe by bike.

“We learned to slow down and take our time. We learned to use smaller, rural roads to travel between communities. When we arrived, we took our time—sometimes days—to walk through the smaller communities and experience their rich history and culture in ways that you couldn’t experience by driving through in a motorized vehicle.”

“We are excited about exploring the history and the beauty of the Baltics by bicycle,” he says “having slower transport allows you to see so much more.”

It’s no surprise, that Robin Brooks, Marketing & PR Manager at Exodus Travels agrees: “A bike lets you travel at your own pace, and creates an incredible travel experience,” she says. “Travelling by bike has minimal environmental impact and best of all gets you outdoors.”

Exodus Travels has been supporting GoByBike BC Society for the past six years by sponsoring the grand prize trip. Robin Brooks, Exodus Travels’ Marketing and PR Manager, says that this initiative is directly in line with their company vision: "At Exodus, we love to partner with likeminded riders, people and communities across the globe, from here in BC, Canada to the USA, England, Italy, France, Morocco, Nepal, India, South Africa – (and yes - we offer bike trips in all). However, 2019 has been a record year for GoByBike BC Society in terms of rider participation; and words cannot describe how thrilled we are to have seen so many people taking part in this extraordinary cause.”

After 45+ years of creating cycling tours across the globe, we truly believe in not only creating incredible travel experiences that give back to people in the communities we visit and the natural environment – it’s central to our ethos. Supporting GoByBike BC Society, all the great riders, volunteers and team members that take part in the Bike to Work Week event is directly in line with this vision.

“A big congratulations to everyone who took part in the 2019. Encourage your family, friends and colleagues to get on their bikes – whether you are commuting to work, new to biking, a weekend warrior or taking a cycling vacation, you are always leaving the world a better place when you see it by two wheels” - Robin Brooks, Exodus Travels’ Marketing and PR Manager

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