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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

“I wanted to pass on my experience with Bike To Work Week. I returned to bike riding a few years ago, after a 33 year break. I rode for pleasure in the spring and summer months, and made a couple of short cycle camping trips. This spring, I sold my cruiser and bought a hybrid road bike from Simon's Cycle...what a difference!

I enjoyed the bike so much, I committed to Bike to Work week. I live out near Bates Beach, so my commute to Comox is about 15km. I managed 3 round trips and 1- 13km ride, for a total of 103km for the week. I rode in the early morning, and had the pleasure of meeting several other riders on their way to work. The roads were quiet, and vehicle drivers respectful when passing, so I felt very comfortable during the week. It was a hard slog for me, as I had not trained at all before the event, but I felt so great afterwards that all the muscle aches(and biker butt) seemed to disappear.

It has inspired me to use my bike as a means of transport rather than just a recreational item, and it has proven to me that I am capable of a lot more than I think. I will be registered next year, for sure, and I think I can put a good team together to clock some big kms.”
Janice Smith, Team Leader, The Janice Grind

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