May 28, 2017

Bike to Work and School Week is on now! Are you out on your bike? Post a selfie from your commute to be entered in our daily draws! Rack up the kms over the week to win some rad cycling gear! And don't forget to cruise town for sweet deals to fuel your pedaling! See you out there!

May 26, 2017

Bike to Work and School Week starts Monday, May 29th. We've got prizes lined up - rack up the kms to win overall and/or post a selfie from your commute to be entered in the daily draws. Cruise town for some sweet deals on food and coffee to fuel your ride. And don't forget to register via so you can win the grand prize cycling trip to Croatia's Dalmatian Coast!

May 10, 2017

Plans are shaping up for Bike to Work and School Week 2017. This year we’ve created challenge cards to foster a little friendly competition in the lakecity. Think your business, friend group, family, band, non-profit organization, volunteer group, etc. can log more kilometers than somebody else? Call them out! Fill out the card, available here, and let’s get the whole town out on their bikes!

May 6, 2017

It's May and Bike to Work and School Week is fast approaching! Make sure to log-in to reactivate your account (if you've participated in past years) or sign on up and join in the fun. We've got coffee shop deals brewing, prizes for participation and most kilometers logged, and are just generally excited for a wicked week out on our bikes!

April 18, 2017

We're dusting the cobwebs off our bicycles after a long and relentless winter, and we're very excited to see you all out on your bikes for Bike to Work and School Week 2017, May 29th to June 4th. Stay tuned for great deals, incentives to pedal hard, tips on riding safe and strong, and just general bike stoke! See you on two wheels!

June 6, 2016

The numbers are in! We had some killer commuters this year and the results show it: 101 riders and 2,018 kms in total! That’s a lot of calories burned and emissions saved. Not to mention the fun had!

June 3, 2016

It's Friday! Thanks to everyone for amazing participation; it has been awesome to see!

Yesterday's daily draw prize winner was Jane Barnett. Congratulations Jane!

How cool are the kids at Cataline Elementary?! The Cataline Calf Burners are such a great example of Bike to School stoke. Check out the photo from their morning commute!

June 1, 2016

Yesterday's daily draw prize winner was Nola Dainteth!! Congrats Nola - your prize is on it's way to you.

Mid-week!! How's your stoke, and your stamina?! The air seems fresher already with all those emissions saved and, don't forget, we've got prizes for highest kms when all is said and done. If you've been out on your bike make sure to log-in and get your kms counted (that will also get you in the draw for the trip to Vietnam!)

May 30, 2016

Congratulations to Ian from the Cataline Calf Burners for being our first daily draw prize winner!!

Day 1 is in the bag! It looks like there were a lot of happy faces wheeling around the lakecity today. Thanks to all of those who posted pics to our Facebook page! Keep them coming - we'll draw a winner each day (i.e. if you ride every day, post us a photo every day and increase your odds of winning!).


May 30, 2016
It's Bike to Work Week! Time to hone your commuting skills - how to look cool in high vis clothing, pothole dodging, efficient use of the stampede grounds as an alt route, how to de-stress post (and pre) work day. The list goes on!