Community Coordinator Resources for 2019 FALL GoByBike Weeks

Hello Community Coordinators!

This page contains all the resources you need to promote GoByBike Weeks. Please bookmark this page, or paste the URL somewhere. I will continue to update it.

Purpose of Fall GoByBike Weeks:

Most people cite bad/cold/wet weather as a deterrant preventing them from using their bikes for transportation during the fall and winter months. We want to share resources, tips and tricks that can help make it more enjoyable and safer for people to GoByBike during the fall and winter, and then encourage them to TRY them and GoByBike during the event dates, October 21 - November 3, 2019 and choose their bike for everyday transportation purposes (rather than a motor vehicle).

Here are some videos that you can share to educate people about tips, tricks and gear that make cycling safer and more enjoyable in the fall and winter months:

Here is a How To Guide for Schools with lots of tips for biking in the fall and winter:

2019 FALL GoByBike BC Campaign Resources and Templates:

Below are the 2019 Campaign Resources and Templates. If you would like copies of printed materials mailed to you, please email to see if there any leftover (I collected orders in August/early September but there may be extra printed materials left over).

Grand Prize Trip for 2 Cycling the Baltics Sponsored by Exodus Travels

Click here: to learn what's included and more about the Grand Prize Trip.


  • 5 - $100 School Prizes
  • 3 - $100 First Time Participant Prizes + the Team Leader's of each prize winner will win a $100 Visa Gift Card

How to Register:

  • If you registered in the past, all you have to do is Login and you are registered for this event.
  • If you've never registered before, click on and take a few minutes to sign-up FREE!

To Qualify for the Grand Prize Trip Draw (& other Provincial Prizes):

Log kilometers for all trips that you choose to GoByBike instead of by motor vehicle during October 21 - November 3, 2019 (GoByBike Weeks).

After you have registered and logged a trip, you MUST enter the Exodus Prize Draw here: This is a sponsor requirement, please read the sponsor’s terms and conditions located in the Exodus Prize Draw Entry page.

GoByBike BC Brand Guideline Files


Provincial Sponsors