Is my love for my bike normal?

My bike feels like more than a metal frame with rubber tires, it feels like an old friend. I remember the time I flipped over my handlebars -I had foolishly hung a grocery bag off the end of them and when something in the bag became lodged between the spokes of my wheel it brought my bike to an abrupt halt and catapulted me onto the pavement. A man who had been driving past stopped to help and when he approached me my first question was, “Is my bike ok?” His brows made knots, confused by my misplaced priorities. My bike could easily be replaced, my head on the other hand couldn’t.

I was lucky because I had no serious injuries but I’m not the only one who treats my bike more like a loved one than an appliance. Karly Coleman, a researcher out of the University of Alberta, interviewed twenty-eight regular cyclists and she found that they all had strong attachments to their bikes.

“People talk about riding the bike and I, I’m trying to find a better term, cause you ride a horse -horse is doing the work and you’re just sitting along for the ride, like in a car, but the bike is you.” This quote from one of Coleman’s participants clearly articulates how his relationship with his bike was very different from his relationship with his car. He explains how his bike feels like a part of him rather than an object he uses.

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““I want to let you know that the staff who put on this event, in Kelowna, do an amazing job.  I look forward to bike to work week every year.  The daily celebration stations and the Friday wind up are always a blast.” ...”

Gord Henderson , Kelowna and Central Okanagan
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December 4, 2018
“I can’t even explain how I felt … first I was in disbelief, I mean, I’ve never won anything that comes even close to this!” – Thomas Weimer, the lucky winner of the grand prize cycling adventure trip for two to Sicily, Italy sponsored by Exodus Travels.
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