Congratulations to the Winner of the Grand Prize, Exodus Travels Cycling Trip for Two to Italy: Thomas Weimer from Victoria, BC

“I can’t even explain how I felt … first I was in disbelief, I mean, I’ve never won anything that comes even close to this!” – Thomas Weimer, the lucky winner of the grand prize cycling adventure trip for two to Sicily, Italy sponsored by Exodus Travels.

Weimer has been biking to work since he immigrated to Canada about 20 years ago. Before moving to Victoria, he lived in Germany where he also biked to work, to shop, and to get around. In Victoria, he feels very comfortable on his commute from the Jubilee area to Vancouver Island Technology Park, which is mostly along regional trails and bike lanes. Biking to work is really not much longer than taking a car and has the added benefit of being really enjoyable, says Weimer. He really likes the exercise, the positive impact on the environment, and the feeling of calm and relaxation he gets from his ride home after a stressful day.

During Fall GoByBike Weeks / Bike to Work Week, Weimer logged just over 70 kms for his team the ChainSpokers, one of many teams at his workplace – DXC Advanced Solutions. Weimer always participates in, and is an ardent supporter of, the Bike to Work Week campaign, “it’s a great event that spreads the idea that biking is accessible – that you don’t need to use your car everyday – and convinces people to try it out”.

Though he uses his bike for work, to shop, and to get around, this GoByBike Weeks grand prize will be Weimer’s first cycling adventure trip. He and his partner will enjoy eight days exploring the rich history and many attractions on Italy’s southern island (not to mention the food and wine!). Weimer has been smiling nonstop since learning about winning the trip and is really looking forward to riding through the World Heritage sites and Italian villages. “It looks like [Exodus] has planned a beautiful trip”. He is especially excited about sharing the whole experience with others in their adventure group.

Exodus Travels has been supporting GoByBike BC Society for the past five years by sponsoring their grand prize trip. Robin Brooks, Exodus Travels’ Marketing and PR Manager, says that this initiative is directly in line with their company vision: "At Exodus, we love to partner with likeminded riders, people and communities across the globe, from here in BC, Canada to the USA, England, Italy, France, Morocco, Nepal, India, Laos, South Africa – (and yes - we offer bike trips in all). However, 2018 has been a record year for GoByBike BC Society in terms of rider participation; and words cannot describe how thrilled we are to have seen so many people taking part in this extraordinary cause.

After 45+ years of creating cycling tours across the globe we truly believe in giving back to people in the communities we visit and the natural environment – it’s central to our ethos. Supporting Bike to Work Week, GoByBike events, all the great riders, volunteers and team members that take part in the event is directly in line with this vision.

A bike lets you travel at your own pace, has minimal environmental impact and best of all gets you outdoors (whether you’re a regular cyclist on a commute – or on a bike vacation).

A big congratulations to everyone who took part in the 2018. Encourage your family, friends and colleagues to get on their bikes – whether you are commuting to work, new to biking, a weekend warrior or taking a cycling vacation, you are always leaving the world a better place when you see it by two wheels" (Brooks).



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Jeff Hiller, Penticton
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September 25, 2018
Riding a bike to the store with her granddaughter is one of the moments Margaret Harris cherishes. Margaret has been on her bike since a kid. Now in her 70s, she watches her granddaughter, Hannah’s love of cycling blossom: "I was inspired by grandma who got me into biking," she says, "it's fantastic, it's fun, I love it!". They both love riding their bikes and spending time together so it just makes sense to GoByBike together. Watch this video and listen for their safety tips and advice about how to teach youth to be safe on bikes: CLICK HERE 
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