Bike to Work Week


Bike to Work Week 2015 -- May 25 - May 31

Welcome Riders!

March 18, 2015

Get on your bike and ride!

You can take part in Bike to Work Week in lots of different ways. Register as an individual, a team member, or a team leader. However you participate, it's good for you, the community, and the environment!



Want a fun way to get fit and healthy and do something positive for our environment? Register for Bike to Work Week! 

You can register as an individual rider now then join a team--or start a team--later if you like. It's quick, easy, free and fun to take part.  

June 10, 2014

Thank you again to Oak Bay Bikes for donating a 2014 Kona Dew Commuter Bike as our grand prize for this year's event.

Congratulations to Julia Bradshaw from the Pacific Biological Station's "Fishy" Team as our big winner!!!

June 6, 2014

This year, 480 Nanaimo residents rode their bikes to work to improve their health, help the environment and see their City in a whole new way; over double the number from 2013 and 117 new riders!!  Way to go Nanaimo! Riders rode nearly 20 000km reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions by over 4200kg. Cycling is healthy way to travel and riders burned over half a million calories over the week, the equivalent of 1300 Nanaimo bars!

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Bike to Work Week 2014

May 26th - June 1st 2014

481 Total Riders 46 Total Teams 117 New Riders 48/52 % Female/Male 19,916 Total Kms Cycled 597,487 Calories Burned 4,318 Kg GHGs Saved

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