City of Kamloops Bicycle Paths Map

Discover cycling routes in the city and understand the signage. Download the map. 

Group Rides - May 7, 14, 20 and 27

The countdown to Bike to Work Week has begun! As part of the many offerings during Bike to Work Week, we are scheduling "group rides" lead by several active commuters and committee members. Group rides are a great way to meet fellow commuters, enjoy the safety and thrill of riding with a group of cyclists, learn some tricks of riding in traffic, and best cycling routes through Kamloops, British Columbia.  

Simply show up at one of the locations on the dates below and enjoy the ride:
Wednesday, May 7 leaving from the Thompson Rivers University Clocktower parking lot at 5:30 pm heading to Downtown to 3rd and Victoria St with James
Wednesday, May 14 leaving from the Art We Are at 5:30 pm and heading to Northills Shopping Centre with Marcia
Tuesday, May 20 leaving from Uji Gardens at 7 am and heading to Thompson Rivers University with Rob
Tuesday, May 27 leaving from South Sahali Elementary School at 8:10 am heading Downtown with Naomi

Contact if you have any questions.

Free Bike Maintenance Course for Commuters

Hosted by the Bicycle Café at 1648 Valleyview Drive
Wednesday, May 21, 2014, 5-6 pm

This commuter bike maintenance course is free to Kamloops Bike to Work Week participants. In this hour long course you will learn how to repair a flat, fix a chain, adjust brakes, and adjust shifters along with covering safety gear must haves for the commuter cyclist.

Registration is required and class size is limited to 15 people so sign up early.

To register please contact:
Linda Kehoe

Cycling Tips

Cyclists have the same rights and duties as a driver of a vehicle. The same rules of right-of-way, traffic signs and signals apply to cyclists and motorists.
It is illegal to ride on the sidewalk or in a crosswalk, unless otherwise designated by city bylaws or signage. The fine for riding a bicycle on the sidewalk is $109.
It is illegal to ride side by side on the roadway.
Cyclists riding after dark must use a front white headlight visible for 150 metres and a rear red reflector visible for 100 metres when illuminated by car headlights.
Cyclists are required to wear an approved bicycle helmet. The fine for not wearing a helmet is $29.
When cycling in heavy traffic with no bike lane, ride about one metre from the right hand curb.

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